Co Create leading edge
entrepreneurship teaching formats


Networking events and conferences to
leading edge entrepreneurship education


Watch out for co-educators
and offer multinational courses


Share and take advantage from
best practise teaching materials


Coneeect U Teach the Teacher program offers interactive training courses for academic entrepreneurship teachers to improve the Entrepreneurship Education across Europe. Coneeect U offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise your teaching impact.

You will be an active member of the lively entrepreneurship community in Europe with access to entrepreneurship experts and innovative institutions, organisations and companies! participants, and their associated institutions benefit from intense training programmes and easy access to the European Entrepreneurship Community. In interdisciplinary teams, best-practice entrepreneurship education is delivered by award-winning international experts, coaches and trainers. Idea exchange and network building takes place in open forums, closely linked to the global entrepreneurship scene.

The Coneeect U Teach the Teacher continues the earlier Coneeect Program supported by the European Union and OECD.


At least once a year the open faculty of Coneeect U is invited to a Think Act Tank. Together we will develop further modules for our teach-the-teacher program and we will create further education formats, courses and methods in E‘ship Education. In addition we will work on challenges in various fields we already identified at the Coneeect teach the teacher trainings such as the use of technology in education, innovations in the classroom, research and methodology and international collaboration in Entrepreneurship Education.

Our objectives and what you will take home

1. Meet the open faculty and build up vour network within the international and interdisciplinary community

2. Be a thought leader, define new entrepreneurship education formats and shape the strategy of Coneeect U

3. Develop modules for Coneeect U and create „ready to use“ entrepreneurship courses with co-educators

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New teaching will emerge from dynamic collaboration with new partners. Offer your own course if you are eager to teach with and learn from your peers. As a member of Coneeect U you have exceptional opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research and create new course formats in all domains of advanced entrepreneurship.

You can invite Educators from abroad to contribute to your course or just set up a potential course and wait and see, if somebody is interested in co-educating with you in a course you would like to offer. This way you learn to teach new entrepreneurship courses that excite you.

In addition to improving your own courses, you can invite students from across the entire Coneeect U network to take specialized advanced entrepreneurship courses based on an existing format at your university delivered in English and open for students from universities abroad. Coneeect U is made to be a platform where educators, passionate students and special topics are matched from all different disciplines.


The goal of Coneeect U is to nurture a learning network in form of an Educating Entrepreneurship Educator’s Community for international peer-learning, and exchange of good practices in entrepreneurship education. Therefore Coneeect U offers a unique opportunity to learn, experience and design new teaching methods, materials and learning outcome assessment techniques to maximise your teaching impact.

In 2015 the Coneeect Community presented best practices in Entrepreneurship Education in form of the first “Coneeect Handbook vol. 1“. Thanks to 40 storytellers that shared their stories as part of the Coneeect project you will find real life experiences that will help you enhance your teaching. The teaching materials of coneeect course until 2015 you can find at the old Moodle platform: “Coneeect eLearning platform“.

Now, you can use the new Coneeect U eLearning platform (new Moodle platform) to share materials with your partners.