APE International Bootcamp 2017

Food Innovation

Project Description:

The APE Bootcamp is an international program run by Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) at the Munich University of Applied Sciences It is part of the one-year Academic Program for Entrepeneurship (APE) which is a certificate program on design thinking, lean startup, and entrepreneurship for students and professionals. The topic of this year's APE Bootcamp is Food Innovation. Coaches and students from various food innovation programs and universities in Canada, Italy, Denmark, and Scotland participate and contribute to the development of innovative ideas in this important industry. During six full days students and coaches build international and interdisciplinary teams and will create and work on startup ideas around diverse topic. This Bootcamp is about doing, not about listening to lectures. This is why you will spend most of your time working on a real-life business idea in interdisciplinary teams. An experienced team of coaches and mentors will guide you through the process in which you will learn how to do empathic user research, quickly prototype your concept for validation, and develop sustainable business models. Students and Coaches from other international Universities are welcome to join! If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us! Find out more about the progam: http://www.sce.de/en/qualifizieren/school-workshop/ape.html

Project Goals:

The Academic Program for Entrepreneurship fosters the entrepreneurial thinking and spirit of a group of highly motivated students each year. Experienced mentors help the students in acquiring self-confidence and decisiveness in the fields of entrepreneurship.

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